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VectoLex FG

VectoLex CG Product 

VectoLex FG (formerly CG), is a granular formulation of Bacillus sphaericus 2362 (strain ABTS-1743) for residual control of mosquito larvae. The potency of VectoLex FG is 50 Bs International Toxin Units (Bs ITU) per milligram against Culex quinquefasciatus larvae. VectoLex FG offers extended control of all Culex species and has been found to be effective against the following species:

VectoLex CG Habitat 

It is particularly effective in controlling mosquito larvae in waters high in organic matter such as catch basins, animal waste lagoons, and stagnant ponds.

Suggested Rate Range:

General standing water habitats that contain Culex spp.: 5–20 lbs/acre (5.6–22.4 kg/ha)
Waste tires: 20–80 lbs/acre (22.4–89.7 kg/ha)


  • Dry formulation
  • Highly specific activity on select mosquito species
  • Works extremely well in polluted waters
  • Provides the industry’s most target-specific biorational for residual control of West Nile virus vectors
  • The microbial mode of action allows for easy, on-site efficacy evaluations
  • VectoLex’s fermentation consistency and pharmaceutical-grade standards significantly reduce lot-to-lot variation relative to other manufacturers, providing greater peace of mind


  • Increased storage shelf life
  • Not harmful to non-target organisms
  • Results assessed quickly in field


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